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Migrating from v1

The migration from Tracking Stream v1 is fairly straightforward and mostly concerns field names changes.

Changes in API Endpoint#

The API endpoint URL has changed to:

Note: Version 1 endpoint was:

Changes in Query Parameters#

The query parameter stream_token is now replaced by position_token.

The position_token query parameter can take the following values:

  • BEGINNING to start from oldest still available target update
  • LATEST (default) to start from the last available target update
  • token to resume the stream from a certain position, the invocation must return a token that was previously sent and is not older than 6 hours

Changes in Output Fields#

The content of the output fields didn't change with an exception of local times (see below). Several fields have changed their name and three fields have been added.

Please also note that by default, the datastream will send back GZIP compressed data. If you wish to receive plain JSON data, you need to disable compression using the query parameter compression.

Field Names Changes#

The most changes concern time-related fields. The postfixes _local and _utc are no longer used. The time is presented always in UTC and timezone offset is available for both departure and arrival airport in departure_utc_offset and arrival_utc_offset fields. The local time fields are no longer available but can be calculated from relevant *_time and *_utc_offset fields.

Old fieldNew field
scheduled_departure_time_local(removed, calculate from departure_scheduled_time and departure_utc_offset)
scheduled_arrival_time_local(removed, calculate from arrival_scheduled_time and arrival_utc_offset)
estimated_arrival_time_local(removed, calculate from arrival_estimated_time and arrival_utc_offset)

New Fields#

New fields include UTC offsets and estimation time for departure departure_estimated_time.

New field