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Block Times - beta

Spire has leveraged terrestrial and satellite ADS-B tracking data from the positional Tracking Stream API to determine accurate aircraft movements around a given airport.

This newest add-on Flight Report feature uses a sophisticated in-house algorithm to pinpoint aircraft movements into and out of defined polygons, representing runways, gates and parking positions. This has taken Spire flight analytics up to a whole new level, through the calculation and flagging of ON and OFF block times for deeper insights into flight operations.

Data Contents#

off_block_at_gatetimestampTimestamp when leaving the gate2023-10-02 11:14:20.00 UTC
off_block_gate_namestringGate name detected at off-blockB14
off_block_timetimestampTime at leaving the apron2023-10-02 11:15:08.00 UTC
off_block_apron_namestringApron name at off-blockAPRON E
off_block_terminal_namestringTerminal name at off-blockT4
takeoff_runwaystringRunway designator detected at takeoff07L/25R
landing_runwaystringRunway designator detected at landing9/27
on_block_timetimestampTimestamp when arriving at apron2023-10-03 01:24:42.00 UTC
on_block_apron_namestringApron name at on-blockAPRON A
on_block_at_gatetimestampTimestamp when arriving at gate2023-10-02 11:14:20.00 UTC
on_block_gate_namestringGate name detected at on-blockD13
on_block_terminal_namestringTerminal name at on-blockT2


The above fields could represent huge value for you or your customer's operational efficiency, financial management, regulatory compliance and more.

If you are interested in these add-on data fields for the Flight Report, please contact the Spire Aviation team.