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The following curl command connects to the Flights Live endpoint, retrieves real-time in UTC for the specified ICAO address and prints the received data to the console.

curl -H "Authorization: Bearer <your_token>" ""

Query Parameters#

The following parameters can be specified to retrieve real-time data with more accuracy.

Query ParametersTypeDescription
flight_idIDSpire internal unique flight ID
icao_addressstringHexadecimal representation of ICAO 24 – bit address
callsignstringCall sign
flight_numberstringFlight number (IATA format)
tail_numberstringAircraft registration
aircraft_typestringIATA/ICAO aircraft type code
aircraft_rolestringAircraft role e.g. PAX
airlinestringIATA/ICAO airline code
departure_airportstringIATA/ICAO departure airport code
arrival_airportstringIATA/ICAO arrival airport code
operating_airportstringIATA/ICAO airport code for all inbound and outbound flights
flight_statestringFlight state as one of "ON_GROUND","AIRBORNE","LANDED","POST_FLIGHT"