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Developed specifically as a light and accessible dataset, the Flight Report in csv is designed to deliver all the key insights on each flight tracked by ADS-B across the globe. This means that with each flight report delivery, you can expect to find one row per flight with all the additional flight and aircraft information to satisfy your use case.

Spire’s Flight Report pulls key observed insights from the positional Tracking Stream API and enriches these with flight and aircraft information to deliver a concise, one-line-per-flight report in csv format.

This succinct, easy-to-digest report can be used to look at:

  • global air traffic
  • specific airport(s) or route(s)
  • specific aircraft

About ADS-B#

ADS-B capable aircraft transponders emit several messages with different bits of information several times per second. Spire’s satellites collect these messages that are processed into a Target Update, which corresponds to an update for each ICAO address.